Benefits of Vinyl Tile Flooring

The debate is finally over: vinyl tile flooring has arrived and it’s here to stay. It came on fast, knocked hard, and showed little mercy-and that was just for the competition.

Luxury vinyl tile in davenport ia

Luxury vinyl tile in davenport ia is not new; in fact, it’s been around since 1973. What separates today from yesterday are features never before seen in a product so simple yet dynamic: its durability, variety of styles and colors, ease of installation and maintenance, and value-for-money reputation have made vinyl tile an immediate success with homeowners seeking a lower cost alternative without sacrificing beauty or quality.

Although it varies depending on style and pattern, today’s vinyl tile flooring is laden with all the color and texture you could want in a floor. You can have it beige, brown or black; patterned in a diamond like chessboard, herringbone or basket weave; or solid colored.

If you prefer wood grained look without the maintenance of real wood floors, there are tile patterns that mimic hardwood looks to perfection. And if you’re still missing that traditional touch of square tiles because they just don’t fit your lifestyle anymore, vinyl tile has come up with something for everyone.

Vinyl planks have fewer joints because they’re typically ¾” or wider, which gives them a virtually seamless appearance. Because of its consistency and flexibility, the planks are easier to lay on floors that aren’t perfectly level.

You can sweep it regularly with a broom without damaging it; clean up spills immediately with dry paper towels or rags. For heavy soiling, use regular household cleaners and you’ll find that polishing your vinyl flooring is as simple as shining your furniture.

If you’re looking for the best flooring, you may want to explore vinyl tile and what it has to offer. It may be the perfect choice for your home.